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Dolfans NYC Take Over The Meadowlands

Wednesday, December 15th, 2010

Dolfans NYC rode in to the belly of the beast last weekend.  It is our third group to the Meadowlands to watch our Dolphins take on the New York Jets.  The first year there were only a few of us.  Last year we had about a dozen… This year we bought 63 tickets to the game and held a huge tailgate with tons of Dolphins fans from all over the greater New York area.  The size of the group may be different but the results have been the same time. Dolfans NYC has walked out of that stadium with a victory.

When we showed up to Giants Stadium at 11:30 in the morning it was pouring rain. We had bought a little tent but the wind was blowing so hard we didn’t have any idea how we were going to set it up.  We had a bunch of meat in the car that was getting warm so I got out and put everything into these cheap coolers we bought.  The first cooler ripped to bits when I dropped the ice in and started blowing away. After a fierce struggle I got everything into the other cooler and returned to the car freezing and completely soaked.  Around 12 another car showed up and the rain had let up a little bit.  They were ready to face the elements so we tried to set up this tent tying the thing to the cars with ribbon that Michelle bought to hang up balloons. It was a very haphazard set up but it was good enough to get the grill set up.  When the wind picked up a few minutes later the tent almost blew away but we held it down until the wind actually bent the poles so badly that we had to throw the thing away after the tailgate. At some point the rain slowed to a drizzle and a bunch more Dolphins fans showed up and we had ourselves a party.

Thanks to Buffalo Trace Bourbon for providing us with a lot of free booze for the tailgate!

The game itself was a mess but I had 16 tickets in my section and we just happened to luck out and were sitting with another handful of Phins fans.  We had some very big dudes with us and some very drunk dudes with us and we just ruined the game for every Jets fan around us and that is exactly what we came to do.  In the end the Dolphins won and we were completely drenched and freezing, but we couldn’t be more content as we walked out of Giants Stadium singing the Dolphins fight song.

I uploaded all the photos to my other website.  So click here to check out all the pictures from the Dolfans NYC tailgate.

Ps. Check back tomorrow for info about the big party this weekend at Third & Long!  Raffles, free Buffalo wings and serious drink specials from Buffalo Trace!

Dolfans NYC @ The Meadowlands

A New Yorkers Guide To Tomorrows Dolphins Game

Saturday, December 11th, 2010

Just a few more notes on tomorrows game…
It is going to rain tomorrow. If you are tailgating with us, if you have any sort of tent or covering you can bring please do! We will be doing the tailgate rain or shine but if the rain is really bad we might park in a near by parking garage.

Also remember we will have some food and and some booze but we are looking at probably 100 people for this thing assuming the weather isn’t horrible so we need everyone to bring your own food and booze if you can. If anyone has a grill or any of the normal tailgating stuff bring it. We can’t have too much stuff.

One thing we will have at the tailgate will be Orange Miami Dolphins Rally towels. We had the Dolphins send us a box of 50 towels that they were giving out at the last Jets game. We will be giving them out to anyone who bought tickets with us and hopefully we can fly those Orange towels all day.

If you are planning on tailgating with us and have not done so already email with your contact info. We will be emailing everyone as soon as we park and know where we are going to be. We are planning on being there between 11 and 11:30. If you can’t get email on your phone give us your phone number and we will text you. We will also be updating the @dolfansnyc Twitter and updating the Facebook group as soon as we park.

Now, very important. I know with the weather and the Dolphins record some people are trying to get rid of tickets. If you bought your tickets with us you are with a group of Dolphins fans. Do NOT sell your tickets to stub hub or let them fall into Jets fans hands. That would be really unfair to the rest of the group. People bought these not so great 300 level tickets so they could be surrounded by Dolphins fans, people want support in enemy territory. If you have extra tickets please post a message on the Facebook group. If anyone needs tickets, please check the Facebook group. Hopefully we can figure this out.

AGAIN… If you need tickets, please check the Facebook group! Someone will be able to help!

And finally… I just wanted you guys to check out this song by a Miami rapper named Solo D. He writes a song every week about the Dolphins upcoming opponent. His song about the Jets game is amazing. We have already hit him up about doing an official Dolfans NYC song.

Can’t wait until we take over Giants Stadium tomorrow. Go Dolphins!

Web Weekend Pictures!

Friday, December 10th, 2010

So if you don’t know already Alex, Michelle and I went to “Web Weekend” an event put on by the Miami Dolphins that gets all the people around the world who run Miami Dolphins websites together.  We get free tickets to the game, we get a sideline pass before the game, we get to meet the coach and we get to do question and answer sessions with others in the Dolphins organization.  This year we got to talk to coach Sparano, injured draft pick AJ Edds, former Phin Sam Madison and CEO Mike Dee.  We presented Mike Dee with $1000 dollars that we as a group raised for the Miami Dolphins Foundation. The Dolphins seemed very touched by the Donation so I wanted to thank you guys again for all the support. Thanks for buying t-shirts and raffle tickets and that sort of thing. It helped a lot.

Michelle is going to be putting a Web Weekend video together and I have a feeling Alex is going to have something to say about the experience but for now you should take a look at my pictures from the trip. I uploaded them all to my personal website so you are going to have to check it out over there. Go Dolphins!

Web Weekend 2010

Fitzy Vs. DolfansNYC

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

DolfansNYC had a little run in at the 2010 NFL Draft with none other than Paul “Fitzy” Fitzgerald.  Fitzy is some sort of YouTube clown who likes to dance around and make jokes about football.  He was wearing a very cute Brady throwback, which I am sure confused him at first since he probably wasn’t aware New England had a football team before 2001.  Anyway, this guy overcame all the “18 and 1” and  “Fuck Tom Brady” chants long enough to ask some football fans some questions.  I asked him one myself “How’s Wes Welker’s knee doing?”  He had a cute response I am sure, but I try not to pay attention to what anyone from Boston has to say.

Eventually we came together in our hatred of the Jets, and I led DolfansNYC in a lovely J-E-T-S Suck Suck Suck chant around the 3:25 mark in the video. In all seriousness, Fitzy, aka Nick Stevens is a pretty funny dude and this video is well worth watching. Enjoy.

Dolfans NYC At The NFL Draft

Monday, April 26th, 2010

About a dozen members of Dolfans NYC met up at the NFL draft. There were more of us originally planning on going but there was rain and some miscommunication and not everyone showed up. Still, we had a pretty nice group as we waited in line for 5 hours on Wednesday and 3 hours on Thursday. A few of us even went back the next day, but we only stood around for about an hour. It was an awesome time despite the lines. All the football fans were talking smack and talking football. We all love the game and it was just a great time.

I can’t tell you guys anything you probably don’t already know about our draft picks, but I did meet one of Jered Odrick’s high school coaches and he had nothing but amazing things to say about the guy. He said he will make our OLB’s so much better because the Olinemen will never be able to get past him. He talked about the guys character and how psyched we should be. My freshman year roommate at Penn State still lives in State College, PA told me a lot of the same stuff, and compared him to Pittsburgh DT Aaron Smith. That’s some high praise.

Anyway, this update is mostly just to share with you some of the pictures I took at the draft. There are some nice ones, check it out.

Ps. Check out our new t-shirts in the pictures!

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The Beast

Saturday, December 5th, 2009

During Short Michelle and my trip to Miami we celebrated the Tampa Bay victory at Kim Bokamper’s sports bar.  On the menu was a 3lb buger called The Beast.  If you ate the whole thing you got the $30 burger for free.  Watch my attempt at the unthinkable, all while the Patriots lost to the Colts. Thanks to the Shed Dawgs for cheering me on and of course to Michelle for putting the video together.

For The Troops…

Tuesday, November 24th, 2009

As I mentioned before in my pictures from Web Weekend, Michelle and I went down to Miami for a gathering of people who run Miami Dolphins websites. It’s great to see everyone every year, but this year we were missing someone.  Our friend Jim Miller had to miss this years event because he was overseas in Iraq. Michelle decided to make a tribute for him while we were down there and I am posting it in two parts below.

Now while a lot of this stuff is directed at Jim, there is tons of footage from our trip including shout outs from players, shots of Tony Sporano speaking to us, and pregame warm ups from the field.  I think you will want to watch it.  Also, if any of you have Dolphins fans overseas you might want to send them to them to let them know how much they mean to the Dolphins nation. And let’s bring em home soon.

Go Dolphins.

Pictures From Web Weekend

Thursday, November 19th, 2009

Since I was in Miami last week, I clearly don’t have photos from the bar to post, but I do have pictures from my trip to Miami. Because short Michelle and I have run Dolphins fan sites for years the Dolphins invite us down to Miami every year for an event called Web Weekend. We get to tour the stadium, the team locker room, the practice bubble. We get to go to the Nat Moore tailgate party and meet alumni. We always have great seats and a pregame field pass. And all of that is awesome, but the highlight is when they bring us into the room where the Dolphins have their team meetings and sit us down and let us ask members of the organization questions. This year we had CEO Mike Dee, Jeff Ireland, Patrick Cobbs, Keith Byars and coach Tony Sporano. Michelle shot a lot of video of that, so I will leave what they had to say for another posting, but I have to tell you that Tony Sporano is so great to talk to. We have met with the coaches every year for 6 years and after getting yelled at by Nick Saban and befuddled by Cam Cameron, watching Tony at work is joy.

The whole event was amazing and Michelle and I played pool football against the Shed Dawgs, and while they may have won, I am pretty sure a few of them are still bleeding. Anyway, I am not posting the pictures to our Flickr this week because they aren’t DolfansNYC related, but I did post them on my personal site, and you can check them out by clicking on this link. Keep in mind, that because I occasionally do nude photography, my site might not be viewable from some work computers, but this gallery is of course completely safe for work. A few of my favorite shots below.

Tony Sporano

The Rings

Gibril Wilson & Sean Smith

Hello From Miami…

Saturday, November 14th, 2009

Hey guys.  After the insanely tough first half of our schedule things ease up a bit starting this week against the 1-7 Bucs. They did look a lot better last week with their new Rookie QB, but their defense is pretty terrible and I think we can get Henne some of the confidence he needs.
Michelle and I are down in Miami and will have a ton of pictures and video for the site when we get back, but we need you guys to hold the bar down while we are gone.
The game is at 1pm so I know you guys will be out in force.  All the regulars will be there and going crazy.
If you haven’t been to Third & Long yet, maybe this is your week!
And if any of you are in Miami right now, hit us up and maybe we can meet up before the game tomorrow.

Go Dolphins!

The Faces Of DolfansNYC

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009

Welcome to another exciting edition of The Faces of DolfansNYC.  This time we interviewed fan club members at our big tailgate at the Meadowlands.  One of our members showed up on crutches.  That is dedication.  We will be interviewing people every week for this segment so come get interviewed on Sunday for our beat the Patriots DolfansNYC fundraiser at Third and Long.

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