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Pictures From Web Weekend

Thursday, November 19th, 2009

Since I was in Miami last week, I clearly don’t have photos from the bar to post, but I do have pictures from my trip to Miami. Because short Michelle and I have run Dolphins fan sites for years the Dolphins invite us down to Miami every year for an event called Web Weekend. We get to tour the stadium, the team locker room, the practice bubble. We get to go to the Nat Moore tailgate party and meet alumni. We always have great seats and a pregame field pass. And all of that is awesome, but the highlight is when they bring us into the room where the Dolphins have their team meetings and sit us down and let us ask members of the organization questions. This year we had CEO Mike Dee, Jeff Ireland, Patrick Cobbs, Keith Byars and coach Tony Sporano. Michelle shot a lot of video of that, so I will leave what they had to say for another posting, but I have to tell you that Tony Sporano is so great to talk to. We have met with the coaches every year for 6 years and after getting yelled at by Nick Saban and befuddled by Cam Cameron, watching Tony at work is joy.

The whole event was amazing and Michelle and I played pool football against the Shed Dawgs, and while they may have won, I am pretty sure a few of them are still bleeding. Anyway, I am not posting the pictures to our Flickr this week because they aren’t DolfansNYC related, but I did post them on my personal site, and you can check them out by clicking on this link. Keep in mind, that because I occasionally do nude photography, my site might not be viewable from some work computers, but this gallery is of course completely safe for work. A few of my favorite shots below.

Tony Sporano

The Rings

Gibril Wilson & Sean Smith

Hello From Miami…

Saturday, November 14th, 2009

Hey guys.  After the insanely tough first half of our schedule things ease up a bit starting this week against the 1-7 Bucs. They did look a lot better last week with their new Rookie QB, but their defense is pretty terrible and I think we can get Henne some of the confidence he needs.
Michelle and I are down in Miami and will have a ton of pictures and video for the site when we get back, but we need you guys to hold the bar down while we are gone.
The game is at 1pm so I know you guys will be out in force.  All the regulars will be there and going crazy.
If you haven’t been to Third & Long yet, maybe this is your week!
And if any of you are in Miami right now, hit us up and maybe we can meet up before the game tomorrow.

Go Dolphins!

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