This is the home page for the official New York City chapter of the Miami Dolphins Fan Club!

DolfansNYC began when Michelle (of 2michelles.com) and Igor (of drivenbyboredom.com) decided that Dolphins fans should no longer have to fight for space to watch their games, while surrounded by fans of opposing teams (this is especially painful when they are fans of other AFC East teams). New York City is full of Dolphins supporters, so it made perfect sense to create a central location where everyone can gather and enjoy the games on nice TV’s, with volume and a collective aqua/orange atmosphere.

Our good friend Justin pointed us towards Third and Long, and we never looked back. Within days we pulled together ideas for a website, raffles, special events, group outings to Dolphins games, a plan to support the bar’s charity (The I Will Foundation) and much, much more.

The atmosphere is fun, energetic and exciting. We encourage all New Yorkers and visitors to the city to join us.

2009 marks the first full season of DolfansNYC, which is New York City’s official Miami Dolphins fan club.

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