For The Troops…

As I mentioned before in my pictures from Web Weekend, Michelle and I went down to Miami for a gathering of people who run Miami Dolphins websites. It’s great to see everyone every year, but this year we were missing someone.  Our friend Jim Miller had to miss this years event because he was overseas in Iraq. Michelle decided to make a tribute for him while we were down there and I am posting it in two parts below.

Now while a lot of this stuff is directed at Jim, there is tons of footage from our trip including shout outs from players, shots of Tony Sporano speaking to us, and pregame warm ups from the field.  I think you will want to watch it.  Also, if any of you have Dolphins fans overseas you might want to send them to them to let them know how much they mean to the Dolphins nation. And let’s bring em home soon.

Go Dolphins.

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