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Monday, November 2nd, 2009

The Dolphins took out the Jets yesterday and may have redeemed Ted Ginn at least for a few days. It was a great thing to watch and we were there.  DolfansNYC turned out in force and we helped take over the stadium. It was beautiful.  Besides the 30 tickets we bought as a group a ton of other members came out to tailgate and we had a blast.  We passed out nearly 300 flyers for the club, so I expect next Sunday’s tailgate party/fundraiser for the Pats game to be nuts.  We have worked it out so there will be a huge spread of food at Third and Long that you can gorge yourself on for $10 which goes to promoting the club and to Third & Longs charity the I Will Foundation.  But back to yesterday…

I took a ton of pictures of the tailgate and Michelle shot a lot of video. We will have two new videos going up this week and Michelle is going to give you her own recap of our tailgate party.  What a weekend.  Check out the pictures below and as always double click the slideshow to go to the Flickr page to download the images.

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DC Does It Right!

Thursday, October 29th, 2009

So this past weekend I found myself in the DC/Arlington area, visiting a friend of mine. I knew I wouldn’t be back in NYC in time for the Phins vs Saints game, so I went online and did a search to see if there was a DC equivalent to DolfansNYC, and I was psyched to find out that there was! Not only do they have a group of fans that get together for the games, they are an official fan club, fully recognized by the bar, who reserves the top floor just for the Phins fans! They have decorations on the walls and also conduct raffles. They even have their own “Igor” who is the designated first-down shouter for “That’s another Miami Dolphins…..” And, of course, they play the fight song after each touchdown. It really felt like a home away from home. The people were cool, the atmosphere was fun and the bar (Hard Times Café in Clarendon) was awesome. (They are famous for their chili.)

I met the president of their club, Zach, and we’ll be linking to his site and he’ll link to ours. NYC and DC are so close to each other and a lot of our members and theirs may find themselves looking for places to watch the games when they are visiting the other city. Look no further guys. And welcome to anyone from the DC/Arlington fan club that would like to stop in and enjoy a game with DolfansNYC!
Check out their website here and check out a little bit of video I shot below to give you a feel for the place.

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