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Shoot The Buffalo

Thursday, December 16th, 2010

Hey guys! Amazing win against the Jets last week!

This week we play another division rival, the stinking Buffalo Bills. As bad as their record is they are actually playing pretty good offensive football and our line took a big loss this week losing Vernon Carey for the year. This game could be a tough one…

We are doing a special event for the game at Third & Long thanks to Buffalo Trace Bourbon. They are doing a campaign called “Shoot the Buffalo” and the woman who handles their marketing is a HUGE Dolphins fan and thought we could work something out. She provided five bottles of Buffalo Trace to our tailgate last week and this week for the Buffalo game she is buying us 300 Buffalo Wings and doing Buffalo Trace specials at the bar. It’s just $4 a shot and $6 for mixed drinks. I didn’t drink any last weekend but from what everyone told me it’s really, really good bourbon.

On top of the cheap Bourbon and free wings Nat Moore sent us a Larry Csonka autographed football to auction off during the game. We will be auctioning off that as well as some other Dolphins memorabilia during the third quarter of the game. Raffle tickets will be on sale for $1. As always all the sales from the fundraising go to charity and to raising money for the club so we can do things like tailgates and print more t-shirts.

Over the last few weeks we have made a lot of really good connections with the Dolphins organization and we have some really amazing stuff to look forward to next season. I don’t want to get ahead of ourselves but we should have some pretty awesome events and raffle prizes next year. Plus with the Dolphins coming to town next year to play the Giants we will have TWO Meadowlands tailgates.

Lastly, I leave you with another sick Solo D song: “Beat The Bills”! Go Dolphins!

Fitzy Vs. DolfansNYC

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

DolfansNYC had a little run in at the 2010 NFL Draft with none other than Paul “Fitzy” Fitzgerald.  Fitzy is some sort of YouTube clown who likes to dance around and make jokes about football.  He was wearing a very cute Brady throwback, which I am sure confused him at first since he probably wasn’t aware New England had a football team before 2001.  Anyway, this guy overcame all the “18 and 1” and  “Fuck Tom Brady” chants long enough to ask some football fans some questions.  I asked him one myself “How’s Wes Welker’s knee doing?”  He had a cute response I am sure, but I try not to pay attention to what anyone from Boston has to say.

Eventually we came together in our hatred of the Jets, and I led DolfansNYC in a lovely J-E-T-S Suck Suck Suck chant around the 3:25 mark in the video. In all seriousness, Fitzy, aka Nick Stevens is a pretty funny dude and this video is well worth watching. Enjoy.

Brandon Marshall & The Draft

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010

Wow. We just traded two 2nd round draft pics to the Broncos for Brandon Marshall. That is nuts.  I went to bed and when I woke up we were suddenly a much better football team.  And yes, the pics are worth it.  Marshall has had domestic violence issues and problems with Josh McDaniels in Denver, but as far as I am concerned he is well worth the risk.  He is going to make Chad Henne so much better, he is going to spread the field and make the run game so much better, he is going to make the recievers so much better.  The Phins are evidently trying to trade Ted Ginn, but with Marshall there is no way you can double Ginn, or Bess or Hartline or whoever is on the other side.

Someone pointed out on a forum that this trade could be a good PR move and mabye lessen the hurt of Jason Taylor going to the Jets, but to me this is a response to the Jets trading for Cromartie and Holmes.  It also takes away a second round pick that could have been used to fill the whole that JT and Porter left.  If we resign JT we can wait another year to see how Cam Wake pans out before drafting an ouside linebacker early.  We can focus on nose or safety with our first round pick and spend the rest of the draft trying for the other.  OUr offense could use another guard and maybe a TE, but other than that, it’s really all defense in the draft. I can’t wait.

Speaking of the draft, Dolfans NYC is making a group trip to Radio City Music Hall for the draft.  You have to get in line at 10pm on Wednesday night to get a wrist band and then come back the following afternoon to get in line for tickets.  DolfansNYC is going to meet up around 6pm at a near by bar and send scouts out to see if they are giving out tickets before 10pm like they did last year. We will be sending out a Facebook message and email with all the details, so make sure you join our Facebook group.

Also, Michelle is going to be filming the Draft and our meet up for so anyone who comes out can get in the video and see yourself on the Phins official web site.  That should be big press for the club!

Lastly, we have some more exciting news!  We will have DolfansNYC T-shirts for the draft.  They are aqua with the DolfansNYC logo printed on the front.  They are insanely bad ass.  They will be on sale at the draft meet up and at games next year for $15.  I hope you pick one up so we can really represent at the draft.  We spent a good deal of money on them, so we need to sell a bunch of them to break even.  After that the money will be used for promotional stuff for the club, raffle items and other club expenses. Last year Michelle and I dropped a lot of money on this club, and it would be nice to at least break even this year. Anyway, the shirts will be amazing so I don’t think I am going to have to guilt anyone into picking them up… heh.

The shirts won’t be ready until next week, but to see the logo in action, check this picture Michelle took of the DolfansNYC banner her friend printed up for us. This will be hanging out front of Third and Long every Sunday.  Get excited!

I Can't Wait To Bring This To The Jets Game!
I Can't Wait To Bring This To The Jets Game!


Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010

Well it has been a minute since I hit you guys up.  Things are pretty slow this off season.  The combine is happening right now, but I haven’t been paying all that much attention. Most people say the Phins are looking at Rolando McLain or Dez Bryant.  There are also rumors that we are looking at stealing Karlos Dansby away from the Cardinals and possibly trading with the Cardinals for Anquan Boldin.  If we pulled off either of the Cards deals then our draft might look pretty different.  The one guy I am obsessed with in the draft is Eric Barry.  He is just the type of playmaking safety we need and having him back there with our two young corners would solve our secondary problems for years.  Unfortunately I don’t think he could possibly fall to us, but honestly with a lot of people trying to trade down, he might be worth trading up for. We also need a nose tackle since we have no shot at Vince Wilfork who was my #1 off season dream.  It’s pretty likely we will pick up a nose in the second round if anyone is still available.

If we could get Dansby and Boldin our main needs would be a nose and a safety.  We could also use another outside linebacker or two if we don’t resign JT, which we better.

Anyway, I have some planned updates for the next few weeks, so check back and pretty soon we are going to start working on our draft party plans.  It’s all pretty exciting.

In the mean time, check out this amazing Sports Illustrated article from 1984 on Dan Marino.  It talks about how he is a pretty boy icon and discusses things that will be really relevant in the coming years like his bad knees.  It aslo talks about how he really wanted to get some big sponsors which I always wondered about.  Dan was advertising gloves and Blockbuster but he never really had a big shoe contract or a drink sponsor which was very confusing to me.  He should have been on Nike and Pepsi ads.  I wonder why that never happened. He did have Upper Deck which was cool growing up and collecting cards.

Anyway, see you guys soon.

Ps. If I spelled anyone’s name wrong in this article, I apologise, I am very tired and very busy and I didn’t have time to double check anything…

The Super Bowl Looms…

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

Hey guys.  It’s been a bit since I updated.  I just wanted everyone to know that I am going to try to update this site about once a week during the off season.  Maybe a little round up of Phins news or some videos or something.  I just want to keep the momentum going.

I collect Miami Dolphins related records and I made a few recordings of a couple of things I have.  I will get those up here periodically over the next few weeks and months.  They should be pretty cool, stuff not a lot of people have heard, including the original recording of the fight song which sounds completely different from the one they play at Dolphins Stadium.

Now a few quick words on the Phins:

  • Joey Porter is an asshole. He is going on every radio station he can find to complain about the Dolphins and to force his way out of Miami.  I can’t wait to see how Sporano is going to  handel him.  The worst part about it was that Channing Crowder got his back on the air and said that the situation was bad for the team chemistry.
  • Thank God the Jets didn’t make it to the Super Bowl.  We would have all had to move if that had happened.  The best part is, because they lost in the AFC Championship they have restrictions on what sort of free agents they can sign. Amazing.
  • Speaking of the Jets, seeing Rex Ryan flip off some Phins fans made my week.  I bought a copy of the NY Daily News with him on the cover. The headline read “REX-RATED”.  Next time I see him at the bank I will see if I can get it signed…
  • Lastly, how sad is it that we missed out on Drew Brees not once, but twice.  The guy is one of the best in the game and he could have been ours. Instead we got Jamal Fletcher and Daunte Culpepper. Woops

Okay guys, hopefully I will be back soon. We have some off season surprises instore for you, so keep checking back… Go Dolphins!

Finally Taking Down The Texans

Saturday, December 26th, 2009

In the history of the Texans franchise they are 4-0 against the Dolphins. They are the only team in the league that we have never beaten. That ends Sunday.

We may only have marginal shot at the playoffs, but one thing we can do is finally end this Texans win streak and I can’t wait. According to Accuscore the Dolphins have a 32% chance of making the playoffs, and with the Titans losing last night that probably went up a tiny bit. We still have to have Baltimore lose both their games or the Broncos lose to the Chiefs, but we do have a shot and that is more than can be said for a lot of teams.

This is a big week for us as a club too, because we finally got a logo designed and we are going to have T-shirts made up. We will probably wait until next season unless we make the playoffs, but a lot of people have asked about them and we will be making it happen. Check out the logo designed by comic book artist Jim Callahan below.

Another link I was asked to send your way was a reminder to check out the Dolphins 5th Quarter Live show. After every game they do a live wrap up of the game live on The old episodes are worth checking out too.

And lastly a little bit of bad news as far as I am concerned. Both Michelle and I are going to be out of town this week. She is in Miami for the holidays and I ended up getting stuck in DC. I actually may make it back by getting on an early bus tomorrow, but I have a feeling I will be watching the game with the Arlington/DC Dolphins Fan Club. I hope you guys still pack Third and Long. It should be a big game. Hopefully I will make it in time, but if not, I will see you week 17 and hopefully beyond.

Go Dolphins!

Ps. Hope you guys like the new logo. Let us know what you think!

Dolfans NYC Logo
Dolfans NYC Logo

New England Week

Saturday, November 7th, 2009

This is the turning point in our season.  If we can beat the Cheatin’ Pats we can be 4-4 and just a game out of first place in the AFC East with a 4-0 division record.  If we win this game, we have a soft schedule ahead with a home game against the Patriots and only two other games against teams over .500. If we lose we are 3-5 and three games behind the Patriots.  This is a must win if there ever was must win in the first half of a season. And we might have to do it without Crowder and big Jason Ferguson. Yikes.

Now, to celebrate this momentous game DolfansNYC is throwing a party.  We are doing a big fundraiser for the game that hopefully you have heard about.  We are going to have 40 bracelets available for $10 each which get you delicious catered food and a raffle ticket.  We will also have raffle tickets available for $1 each. We know we have promised raffles before, but this time we are actually doing it. We have Dolphins signed items and some other random Dolphins stuff available. We are getting there at noon, and if the turnout is anything like the Saints game, the food is going to go fast, so get there early.

The proceeds from this fundraiser are going to be split between DolfansNYC and our adopted charity the I Will Foundation.  The goal of this club from the begining was not only to bring fans together to watch “the greatest football team” but to try to do some good.  We have spent a lot of money putting this thing together and are trying to recoup it so we can do more stuff for the club.  But on top of that we want to raise money for charity and the I Will Foundation is a foundation helping injured people that was started by the owner of Third & Long.

Anyway, Michelle is going to be there before the bar even opens decorating the place and setting everything up.  Come hungry, there is going to be a lot of food. It should be crazy so I hope to see you all out there.  I am in Texas at my cousins wedding but managed to find a flight that lands me in JFK at 1130. It will be a mad rush to Third & Long straight from the airport.  Let’s hope I make it.

Go Dolphins!


Monday, November 2nd, 2009

The Dolphins took out the Jets yesterday and may have redeemed Ted Ginn at least for a few days. It was a great thing to watch and we were there.  DolfansNYC turned out in force and we helped take over the stadium. It was beautiful.  Besides the 30 tickets we bought as a group a ton of other members came out to tailgate and we had a blast.  We passed out nearly 300 flyers for the club, so I expect next Sunday’s tailgate party/fundraiser for the Pats game to be nuts.  We have worked it out so there will be a huge spread of food at Third and Long that you can gorge yourself on for $10 which goes to promoting the club and to Third & Longs charity the I Will Foundation.  But back to yesterday…

I took a ton of pictures of the tailgate and Michelle shot a lot of video. We will have two new videos going up this week and Michelle is going to give you her own recap of our tailgate party.  What a weekend.  Check out the pictures below and as always double click the slideshow to go to the Flickr page to download the images.

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All The Way Live!

Sunday, October 25th, 2009

We actually managed to get the site up before the Saints game! That was my goal and I didn’t think we would make it.  Well, clearly I was wrong. The site is going to be tweaked over the rest of the season probably starting, but it is ready to go now.  I hours this weekend getting all the updates from our temporary site moved over, adding all the pictures and getting some new video posted.  I hope you like it.

We are going to be doing a lot more video and want to include everyone who comes out to Third & Long every week.  Talk to me at a game, lets get you guys involved in the site in some way or another. This thing is about Dolphins fans stuck in the heart of Jets country trying to have a place to talk Dolphins and watch the games in a great environment, not about Michelle and I starting a blog. So, please, send in pictures, video blogs, writing, anything, we want this page to be yours.

Only 4 and a half hours to kick off against the Saints.  Let the Wildcat roar and make Drew Brees look like Drew Henson.  Go Dolphins!

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