All The Way Live!

We actually managed to get the site up before the Saints game! That was my goal and I didn’t think we would make it.  Well, clearly I was wrong. The site is going to be tweaked over the rest of the season probably starting, but it is ready to go now.  I hours this weekend getting all the updates from our temporary site moved over, adding all the pictures and getting some new video posted.  I hope you like it.

We are going to be doing a lot more video and want to include everyone who comes out to Third & Long every week.  Talk to me at a game, lets get you guys involved in the site in some way or another. This thing is about Dolphins fans stuck in the heart of Jets country trying to have a place to talk Dolphins and watch the games in a great environment, not about Michelle and I starting a blog. So, please, send in pictures, video blogs, writing, anything, we want this page to be yours.

Only 4 and a half hours to kick off against the Saints.  Let the Wildcat roar and make Drew Brees look like Drew Henson.  Go Dolphins!


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