Moving Forward…

Wednesdays are usually when I can start dealing with life after a Dolphins loss.  This one stung extra badly and every time I am reminded of football I get flashbacks to Drew Brees dismantling the Dolphins after the 28 best minutes of football the Dolphins have played in a decade. Can we get over this? Personally, I probably will be able to sleep 8 hours without having a nightmare involving a wide open Ted Ginn dropping a pass one day, but I am not sure the Dolphins can get back into the hunt.  They are now dead last in the AFC East with two tough division games.  If we can manage to win the next two games, things soften up quite a bit and we will be 4-0 in the division.  If we lose one of the next two, it is pretty much game over as far as 2009 goes. I still have hope.

I took a lot of photos before half time of the Saints game and you can check them out below.  People were in a joyous mood as we sang the Dolphins fight song until our throats hurt.  I want to look at these photos and pretend the thirty minutes that followed them never happened. If you click the slideshow below it will take you to Flickr where you can download the pictures for your Facebooks or Friendsters or whatever the kids are doing these days.

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