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Photos From Monday

Saturday, September 17th, 2011

I wanted to get up the photos from our party Monday before we play more football. We had a great turnout and raised money for charity selling shirts. If you made it out to Third & Long you saw that we had some TV issues with the new HD TV system and we had to watch the first half of the game a few bars down. Luckily everything was fixed and most of us returned to Third & Long for a serious party despite the awful outcome.

This week I hope Third & Long is bumping again even though myself and the other Dolfans NYC team members will be in Miami watching the game. I am sure the die hards will hold it down for us. So come out this week and check out the photos from last week using the slideshow below. Double click on a photo if you want to save and download it.

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Buffalo Bills Party Pics

Friday, December 24th, 2010

So yeah, the Dolphins season ended officially last week. It was a blower and it sucked losing to an AFC East rival and a team that is well… not very good. This season has been very trying for Dolphins fans everywhere but I think we at Dolfans NYC have had it a bit easier than most.  We have each other.

As much as the game sucked last week I think we as a group had a lot of fun.  Buffalo Trace Bourbon threw us a party with a “Shoot the Buffalo” theme.  They had 300 wings on hand and a lot of free and cheap Bourbon for everyone.  We raffled off a Anthony Fasano & Joey Haynos autographed football and a Larry Csonka autographed football.  Along with donations for the food we raised $200 for the I Will Foundation and had some money left over to add to our Dolfans NYC war chest for the off season.

Now this weekend coming up we have the Detroit Lions. This is our chance to get at least one more win at home and make all the Dolfans NYC fans back in Miami for Christmas happy.  This is a try out for all the players on this team that are on the borderline of returning next year.  Henne is going to continue to start the next two games so this will be a big test for him to see if he can show at least something that will make us think he is worth keeping around.  These games are important even if they won’t help us play past January 2nd.

We are out of the playoffs playing an NFC team, who is terrible, the day after Christmas.  I have a feeling Third & Long is not exactly going to be packed.  I know Michelle, Alex and I are all going to be out of town.  Still I know there will be some people in town for the holidays who have never been to Third & Long looking for some people to watch the game with so I hope a lot of you come out. I know the die hards will be there and hopefully there will be a decent crowd anyway.  I’ll be back for the Patriots game to end the season and I don’t want to hear from Curtis that the bar was dead!

So that’s all I got for you this week.  Check out the photos below and I will see you guys next week.  Go Dolphins!

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Pictures From The Raiders Party

Friday, December 3rd, 2010

Third and Long was probably the least crowded it has been all year, that is to say it was only kinda packed. The holiday weekend and the Bears drubbing thinned the heard a little bit but there was still a big crowd and we had as much fun as we have had all year. The Dolphins finally won a game convincingly and we had a blast.

Now usually I get these pictures up earlier than this and when we win I try to get them up right away but I was so busy because I had to go out of town.  Where did I go? Miami. I am working as a photographer covering the Art Basel art fair in Miami and then going to the Dolphins game on Sunday.  I will have more on that later but the important thing to know for this story is that I grabbed the wrong USB cord and I could not get the pictures from last Sunday off my camera.  After shooting Basel for two days I HAD to turn in pictures to my editors at the Village Voice and the Miami New Times.  At 5 am I went to Wallgreens and they didn’t have a USB cord so I went to CVS.  CVS didn’t have them either. I was sort of panicked. I needed to get images to them by the morning or I might not get paid. I was about to give up when I saw some Miami Dolphins bracelets on the counter and bought them.  The clerk at CVS was pretty much the only guy in the store at 5 am and he was big Dolphins fan. I talked to him about how much we hated the Jets for a while and the I came up with an idea. I would buy a scanner, get out the USB cord and return it.  He told me he would do me one better. He would open it, pull out the cord and let me take it with me and return it.  He told me since I was a Dolphins fan he would trust me.  I thanked him for saving my life and ran out to the car and grabbed my computer and transferred all the files in the store right there.  The guy saved my ass.  I gave him a Dolfans NYC wrist band and he told me he would come up to see the Dolphins play the Jets in NYC one year. He said he has always wanted to do it.  This all just goes to show you that you can always count on the kindness of Dolphins fans.

Sorry. It is 6:15 am and I have slept two hours since I got to Miami two days ago. I am not sure that story really made sense as I am nodding out as I write it, but I just wanted to share that story with you guys before I went to sleep.  Enjoy the pictures from Third & Long last Sunday below.  Click to open them in a new window so you can download them.  Go Dolphins!

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The Raiders

Saturday, November 27th, 2010

So this week we go to Oakland without Brandon Marshall and a quarterback question.  Fortunately for us Oakland can be run on and if we are going to have a good run game all year this has to be it.  Henne is probably going to get the start which is scary because Oakland has a decent pass rush and Henne will be in a knee brace.  On the other hand if Thigpen starts he is 1-11 as a starter but his one win came at Oakland.  I really have no idea what to expect from the game but I just hope it is a lot more fun than last week.

I also wanted to thank everyone who came out last week, we raised over $500 for The Miami Dolphins Foundation. It was a big success despite the game. This week at Third & Long we aren’t doing a raffle or anything but we do still have Dolfans NYC shirts for sale (although we are out of Mediums). All of the money still goes to charity minus random club expenses.

Speaking of the shirts… did you guys see Dan Marino with his? It’s a pretty good look…

Next week I am going to be in Miami for the Cleveland game and then we have the big trip to the Meadowlands for the Jets game so I won’t be at the bar for a few weeks so I hope to see everyone at Third & Long this week. No matter how badly the Dolphins play everyone still has a good time until the fat lady sings.

Go Dolphins!

Thursday Night Photos

Thursday, November 25th, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Well, I was having a Happy Thanksgiving until the Jets just scored in the Thursday night game against the Bengals…

Anyway, last Thursday the Dolphins played a game that I don’t think anyone wants to remember.  What I do want to remember is that Dolfans NYC threw a really fun party at Third & Long and raised over $500 for the Miami Dolphins Foundation. The bar was completely packed and up until the Dolphins actually took the field we were having a blast.  It sort of went down hill after that….

At least the week ended on a high note with us getting to meet Dan Marino

Enjoy the photos of the party below and click the gallery to open them in a new window if you want to save any of the shots.  Go Dolphins.

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Pictures From Bengals Week

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

The bar started out a little bit empty on Sunday but it was Halloween and everyone was partying the night before, that being said, by the end of the 1st quarter the crowd was bumping like usual. Five field goals was very frustrating for everyone, but signing the fight song after that touchdown was worth all the anguish.  We took another game on the road and hopefully we will do it again next week and hopefully I will be at the game. I grew up right outside of DC and I spent a lot of time in Baltimore as a misguided teen. I love the city but hate the Ravens. I can’t wait.

If you check out the pictures below you will notice a few things.  1) It was Curtis the Third & Long bar manager’s birthday and Michelle got him a cake. That made for a fun and delicous two minute warning. 2) I have noticed that the Last Rights Mac 10 T-shirt is becoming really popular. People ask me about mine, so check their website if you want one.  3) We got new shirts in and the logo is bigger. Michelle should have them next week as I will be out of town but we should have every size now.

Anyway, check the slide show below and double click if you want to download a picture. Go Dolphins!

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Make The Steel City Weep

Saturday, October 23rd, 2010

So the Dolphins have their first 1pm home game all year against the Pittsburgh Steelers. The heat should help and the Steelers are wearing black but unfortunately there is a chance of rain on Sunday. Either way we have to find a way to get a win at home finally. If we beat the Steelers it will make people pay attention and keep us alive in the AFC.

When this all comes down to it I have a feeling we will be fighting with the Steelers for a wild card spot. I went to Penn State for college and my freshman roommate was a huge Steelers fan and I watched football with him every Sunday for two years so I had love for the Black and Gold but with a creep like Big Ben at QB and that 3-0 game in the monsoon a few years ago I am running out of that love…

Their run defense is crazy so it might be up to Henne to win this game. I know that scares a lot of people, but I think the guy will come to play and hopefully avoids that crazy haired safety lurking back there…

A few other notes:

For those of you joining us at Third & Long we have something pretty awesome in store for you. Curtis the bar manager at Third and Long surprised us with a branded beer handle and he will be serving “Dolfans NYC IPA” the official beer of our fan club. It will only be served during Dolphins games and is only $4 for Dolphins fans! Pretty awesome.

Dolfans NYC IPA

We have 10 extra tickets to the Jets/Dolphins game now. They are $110 and I know a lot of people asked me about them so email Michelle ASAP at if you want to get in on our Meadowlands take over. We have now bought over 60 tickets as a group. Maybe we can make it 100!

Hope to see you guys this Sunday at 1pm at Third & Long (35th St and 3rd Ave.) Go Dolphins!

Phins Vs Packers Meet Up Photos

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

Well that was awesome. An overtime win in Green Bay? Perfect.  On top of that their were no injuries and we get John Jerry back this week. Unfortunately it looks like Odrick is out for the year with a broken leg, but he has only played 3 quarters all year so I am not too stressed out about it.  Anyway, the game was great even if it was a bit too close for comfort, but then again every Phins game is like that so I guess I should be used to it. Henne played great, Marshall was in full Beast Mode and Cam Wake was dominant. He had three sacks and three more hurries. He played out of his mind.  Cam Wake and I both went to Penn State so I have been trying to get people in the bar to chant “WE ARE…. CAM WAKE!” whenever he has a sack. Penn State does the “WE ARE… PENN STATE!” cheer so I thought it would be appropriate. It hasn’t really caught on yet, but maybe we can run with it…

Anyway, I got a new camera this week and it is very small but still high quality so I don’t have to lug my serious camera around with me anymore. I didn’t take a lot of shots on Sunday but there were some good ones. Check the slideshow below and as always if you want to download a photo just double click on it and it will take you to the Flickr page.

Go Dolphins!

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Monday Night Pictures

Saturday, October 9th, 2010

So I don’t even want to talk about the disaster that is last weeks MNF game against the Patriots other than to say I have never seen a game where a team is clearly beating another team on offense and defense and then lost by 27 points. It was crazy.  Last year when we beat the Jets when Teddy Ginn had 2 TD’s we were clearly playing worse football than the Jets, but we won.  That type of thing happens, but never by four fucking touchdowns. Insane.

Anyway, just because I am in hiding and super glad there is a bye week so I can ignore football for another week, I do have to post the pictures I took at the Third & Long meet up on Monday. We had a great crowd and we suffered together.  We had some new people out and it was good time.  I think we have got to have the cutest girls of any sports bar in the city. We also payed Michelle back for the 44 Jets/Dolphins tickets she put on her credit card and we raised a few hundred dollars for charity.  In total, along with ad revenue from the site we have raised well over $1000 dollars for charity. It’s pretty impressive guys.  Thanks.  Anyway, here is a slide show of the pictures from Monday.  As always if you want to download a photo just double click the slide show and it will take you directly to the Flickr page.

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Monday Night Football!

Sunday, October 3rd, 2010

The Dolphins only play on Monday Night Football once this year, and it happens this Monday. Get excited people, it’s our first crack at the New England Patriots.

Last week was a disaster at least our offense came to play. If the Dolphins offense plays like it did last week we should be able to put 50 points on the Patriots. Unfortunately the Patriots offense has two things the Dolphins have proved they can’t stop… Tight Ends.

The Patriots have two fantastic pass catching tight ends and I have to admit I am pretty worried about how we are going to stop them. That being said we are historically pretty good at home against the Patriots and we have to come up big in prime time, especially after last week. We must win this game.

Now a few important things. We will be at Third & Long as always watching the game. For those who haven’t been yet, it’s at 35th and 3rd Ave in the city.

Come early! We have had a little bit of a line at times. Everyone get’s in but you might have to wait a little bit. If you get there 30 minutes early you won’t have a problem. Third and Long has good MNF drink specials so they have a bit of a regular crowd there, so we gotta get there early and make sure we have the whole place to ourselves.

We WILL be doing a raffle this week. I know I promised a raffle last week but Michelle was out of town and we didn’t get it together in time. We will be raffling off a Dolphins hat signed by Dolphins owner Stephen Ross as well as a really nice Dolphins jacket that he gave us. We will also probably have a bar tab do give away and a Dolfans NYC shirt.

Speaking of shirts, we ran out of L and XL shirts so fast that we haven’t really been selling them the last couple weeks, but I got new shirts printed and we should have every size available. They are 15 dollars and are aqua with the DolfansNYC logo on them.

Lastly, I just wanted to mention the tickets to the Jets game. If you have talked to Michelle about buying tickets, please bring your money on Monday. She put 36 tickets on her credit card and needs to start collecting money. We want to order more tickets as well, so if you want to go with us to the Jets/Dolphins game in NYC, email Michelle ASAP at

Okay! See you Monday and remember almost all the money raised from the raffle and the t-shirts goes to the Miami Dolphins Foundation charity. The only money that doesn’t go to charity goes to club expenses like printing shirts, promoting the club and prizes for the raffles. So please, be generous. And if you would like to just donate money please let us know. We are trying to raise $1500 as a group. Thanks!

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