Pictures From The Raiders Party

Third and Long was probably the least crowded it has been all year, that is to say it was only kinda packed. The holiday weekend and the Bears drubbing thinned the heard a little bit but there was still a big crowd and we had as much fun as we have had all year. The Dolphins finally won a game convincingly and we had a blast.

Now usually I get these pictures up earlier than this and when we win I try to get them up right away but I was so busy because I had to go out of town.  Where did I go? Miami. I am working as a photographer covering the Art Basel art fair in Miami and then going to the Dolphins game on Sunday.  I will have more on that later but the important thing to know for this story is that I grabbed the wrong USB cord and I could not get the pictures from last Sunday off my camera.  After shooting Basel for two days I HAD to turn in pictures to my editors at the Village Voice and the Miami New Times.  At 5 am I went to Wallgreens and they didn’t have a USB cord so I went to CVS.  CVS didn’t have them either. I was sort of panicked. I needed to get images to them by the morning or I might not get paid. I was about to give up when I saw some Miami Dolphins bracelets on the counter and bought them.  The clerk at CVS was pretty much the only guy in the store at 5 am and he was big Dolphins fan. I talked to him about how much we hated the Jets for a while and the I came up with an idea. I would buy a scanner, get out the USB cord and return it.  He told me he would do me one better. He would open it, pull out the cord and let me take it with me and return it.  He told me since I was a Dolphins fan he would trust me.  I thanked him for saving my life and ran out to the car and grabbed my computer and transferred all the files in the store right there.  The guy saved my ass.  I gave him a Dolfans NYC wrist band and he told me he would come up to see the Dolphins play the Jets in NYC one year. He said he has always wanted to do it.  This all just goes to show you that you can always count on the kindness of Dolphins fans.

Sorry. It is 6:15 am and I have slept two hours since I got to Miami two days ago. I am not sure that story really made sense as I am nodding out as I write it, but I just wanted to share that story with you guys before I went to sleep.  Enjoy the pictures from Third & Long last Sunday below.  Click to open them in a new window so you can download them.  Go Dolphins!

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2 Responses to “Pictures From The Raiders Party”

  1. sergio Says:

    awesome love the story seems like you can always count on a loyal true dolfans fan when you really needem love the pics thanks for the post!! trudolfan54

  2. admin Says:

    It was pretty great. Thanks for the comment!

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