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Moving Forward…

Friday, October 29th, 2010

Normally when I post picture I talk about last weeks game. I will not this week. I have no comment on the Steelers tragedy so please don’t talk to me about it. Moving on…

This week we have to play the Bengals and the TOcho show.  The game is away so all the pundits are picking us based on some stupid coincidence.  The reason we are 0-3 at home and 3-0 on the road is simply because we played better teams at home than on the road. I have no idea why people are making a big deal out of that irrelevant statistic. Going into Cinci is not going to be an easy game but I really do think the Dolphins are the better team and that we can win this game. The Bengals have a tough defense, but we played pretty well against the Steelers and Jets defenses… we just need to get in the damn endzone.

As always we will be watching the game as a group at Third & Long (35th and 3rd) and win or lose we will have a good time.  We always have drink specials for Dolphins fans and now we have our own Dolfans NYC IPA that is only $4 a pint. We should be doing some sort of raffle this week and we finally got new large and XL t-shirts in.  We got the logo printed bigger on them this time too. They look really good.

And lastly if you have questions about group tickets to the Jets game you should email for details.

Thanks guys, see you Sunday. Go Dolphins!

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Make The Steel City Weep

Saturday, October 23rd, 2010

So the Dolphins have their first 1pm home game all year against the Pittsburgh Steelers. The heat should help and the Steelers are wearing black but unfortunately there is a chance of rain on Sunday. Either way we have to find a way to get a win at home finally. If we beat the Steelers it will make people pay attention and keep us alive in the AFC.

When this all comes down to it I have a feeling we will be fighting with the Steelers for a wild card spot. I went to Penn State for college and my freshman roommate was a huge Steelers fan and I watched football with him every Sunday for two years so I had love for the Black and Gold but with a creep like Big Ben at QB and that 3-0 game in the monsoon a few years ago I am running out of that love…

Their run defense is crazy so it might be up to Henne to win this game. I know that scares a lot of people, but I think the guy will come to play and hopefully avoids that crazy haired safety lurking back there…

A few other notes:

For those of you joining us at Third & Long we have something pretty awesome in store for you. Curtis the bar manager at Third and Long surprised us with a branded beer handle and he will be serving “Dolfans NYC IPA” the official beer of our fan club. It will only be served during Dolphins games and is only $4 for Dolphins fans! Pretty awesome.

Dolfans NYC IPA

We have 10 extra tickets to the Jets/Dolphins game now. They are $110 and I know a lot of people asked me about them so email Michelle ASAP at if you want to get in on our Meadowlands take over. We have now bought over 60 tickets as a group. Maybe we can make it 100!

Hope to see you guys this Sunday at 1pm at Third & Long (35th St and 3rd Ave.) Go Dolphins!

This Is It…

Saturday, January 2nd, 2010

Okay guys, barring a miracle this is the last Dolphins game this year.  It is pretty sad to bring this to an end, especially when we could have been just a few plays from the post season.  Worst of all, our errors have let the Jets climb back in this thing.

Still, what I am most sad about is Dolfans NYC coming to an end. I have never had so much fun watching games in my life. I know this game is on TV and we don’t have a lot of chances of making the play offs and it is cold outside and a million other reasons not to come out this week.  But I beg of you guys, come out and end this year in style.  Come say bye to all the Phins fans you have met this year and root our team to victory one last time this year.

We have some events planned in the off season, including our second annual draft party.  We are going to get DolfansNYC shirts made by then and we have a few other things up our sleeve.  I will update you guys more after this weekend.

So, I hope we pack Third & Long tomorrow, and if there is anyone out there who still hasn’t watched a game with us, you still have one more chance.  See you soon.

Go Dolphins!

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