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Looking Ahead…

Wednesday, December 30th, 2009

I ended up getting stuck in DC last weekend and watching the game with the DC fan club. I will take full responsibility for the loss because I left the bar at half time to watch the game at my parents house and we immediately got back into the game. I am pretty sure if I had not been cheating on you guys we would have won the game.  My sincere apologies.

Barring a miracle this Sunday will the the last DolfansNYC meet up for a while.  We are planning two events for the off season including a draft party and another event that I don’t want to talk about until it’s finalized.  We are going to be making shirts in the off season and should have those available online soon probably.

I will talk about it more in the weekely email, but since this is probably the last game I hope everyone comes out even if there is not a lot of importance in this game. Clearly reaching .500 would be nice, but I want everyone to come out so we can say good bye for a while.  There are so many awesome people I have met a Third & Long and I hope to see you guys all at least once more before the break.

Anyway, since things are a bit depressing in Dolphins land I will leave you with something to hopefully cheer you up.  It is a shout out from Anthony Fasano repping Dolfans NYC. Fasano has been really with us and donated a lot of signed pictures for the raffles we have had this year.

Go Dolphins!

This Weeks Photos

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009

Augh. The Dolphins were robbed by the refs, but it wouldn’t have been an issue if they could have scored in the red zone and didn’t turn the ball over.  The playoffs are probably out of reach now, but you never know. We still have things worth rooting for though as we have the Texans next week. We have never beat them and they are the only team to hold that honor. We need to end that.

I saw Rex Ryan at the bank on Friday and I ran into Darrelle Revis at a nightclub last night. I have yet to try to fight an NFL football player, but if I keep seeing Jets I just might.  I think I have 15lbs on Revis, although my guess is he can outrun me.

I have to give a shout out to my little brother who is a Titans fan. He came out to the game last week and didn’t talk any smack and actually bought shots for Phins fans after the game. I genuinely think he felt bad about beating us.

And lastly congrats to Hoss for winning the autographed Vernon Carey ball. We met Hoss at our first official DolfansNYC event during the draft last April and he has been out pretty much every week.  This year we raised over $300 for the I Will Foundation doing raffles. I hope we can double that up next year.

Enjoy the photos below!

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Tackle The Titans

Saturday, December 19th, 2009

The Dolphins continue their run for a playoff spot as they travel up to Tennessee to face the Titans. This is a huge game for us and I know we’re counting down the minutes until kickoff. Remember if we win out, we can get in the playoffs if the Pats, Ravens or Broncos lose a game, so these are all must wins.

As always, DolfansNYC will be at Third and Long and we can’t wait to see you all there. Since this is the last game before the holiday season kicks into full gear, we figured we’d go all out and raffle off a ton of stuff! We’ve got Dolphins bags, books, photos and footballs, including an awesome one signed by Vernon Carey. The money that we raise will go towards the I Will Foundation and DolfansNYC, so that we can continue to bring the fun every week.

And be sure to check out Third and Long’s website. They’ve posted our logo and made it official that it’s the home of New York City’s Dolphins fan base.

So don’t let the snow keep you away, it will be warm at Third & Long! Can’t wait to cheer with all of you tomorrow!

Go Dolphins!

Meet The Dolfans: Week 14

Thursday, December 17th, 2009

Like I said Michelle made a pretty great video this week. The bar was rocking against the Jags and it was a great party. I don’t really have much to say about it so I will let the video speak for it’s self.  Come out this Sunday and star in the video for next week.  Go Dolphins!

Thursday Night Football Video

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009

Here is a video that Michelle put together from the Panthers/Dolphins game two Thurdays ago at Third & Long.  Everything seemed so possible then… sigh… The video is great, I didn’t have time to get it up last week and I have been sulking this week, so here it finally is.  If you haven’t been out to Third & Long yet this video shows you what it’s all about.

Week 12 Pictures

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009

I don’t even want to talk about it.  I am not sure if it’s better or worse that New England got killed today. We should be playing for first place next week.  Kill me.

Double click the slide show to get to the gallery on Flickr so you can download the pictures.

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Matt Long On HBO Tuesday

Monday, November 23rd, 2009

Matt Long, the owner of Third and Long and the founder of the I Will Foundation is going to be on Real Stories with Bryant Gumbel tomorrow night at 10 PM. Dolfans NYC has raised several hundred dollars for the I Will Foundation this year and will be doing another raffle at the New England game to support the charity.  We cannot thank Matt Long enough for him letting us use his bar for our events.  So if you get a chance, learn a little more about the man that makes our club possible.  Here is the description from

Completing an Ironman Triathlon takes athleticism, strength, conditioning and willpower, attributes New York City firefighter and triathlete Matthew Long has always had in abundance. But to cross the finish line at the 2009 Lake Placid Ironman this summer, Long needed even more – he needed a miracle. In Dec. 2005, the Brooklyn native was riding to work during a transit strike when he was run over by a bus and impaled on his own bicycle. After months in the hospital, 40 operations and years of physical therapy, Long has willed his way back to endurance competition. As correspondent Mary Carillo discovers, nothing can keep this 43-year-old down.

Meet More Of The Crew…

Thursday, November 12th, 2009

I am getting packed for my trip to Miami.  Michelle and I are headed to the Tampa Game in Miami this weekend… But don’t worry, Third and Long should still be jumping because of all the people who make this club what it is.  Want to meet four more of them? Check out the video below.

Ps. I will post about it again tomorrow, but I know a few of the DolfansNYC crew will be in Miami this weekend. Hit us up at if you are going to be at the game.

A Good Cause and A Good Cry

Wednesday, November 11th, 2009
Well, I’m almost recovered from that terrible loss to the Patriots – a team that I dislike A LOT! As some of you may know, I used to watch the Phins games in a Pats bar. It was brutal, week after week, but also inspired Igor and I to start DolfansNYC, so certainly a bittersweet experience.
In any case, the thing that definitely helped me feel better about the game was looking back at how awesome the people at Third and Long were on Sunday. So many of you contributed to our fundraiser to support the club and The I Will Foundation. I had a terrific opportunity to meet Matt Long, the founder of I Will. His story is moving and inspiring and I encourage all of you to check it out on his website We talked about having him come in to meet everyone during one of our games in December, which is going to be awesome!
Dolfans – I can’t thank you all enough for your generosity, enthusiasm and great energy! You are the reason this club is so awesome and I look forward to seeing you guys during the weeks ahead.
Also a VERY special thanks to Curtis, the manager at the bar, who has been a great supporter of DolfansNYC and continues to be a rock star! You’re the best!
Enjoy this short video from Sunday at Third and Long.

New England Week Photos

Wednesday, November 11th, 2009

It took me a few days to get back to the computer after that awful loss against the Patriots.  We just seem to want to throw away these winnable games. Still, our fund raiser nearly doubled what we were trying to raise and we are going to be able to give the I Will Foundation a pretty decent check.  I think people had a lot of fun.  I only shot a few photos because I hadn’t slept and because I was freaking out about the game, but the ones I shot are pretty nice. You should check them out below.  As always double click the slide show to get to our Flickr site and download the pictures.  We will have video up soon.

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