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Thursday Night Football Video

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009

Here is a video that Michelle put together from the Panthers/Dolphins game two Thurdays ago at Third & Long.  Everything seemed so possible then… sigh… The video is great, I didn’t have time to get it up last week and I have been sulking this week, so here it finally is.  If you haven’t been out to Third & Long yet this video shows you what it’s all about.

Panther’s Week Pics

Monday, November 23rd, 2009

Wow, last Thursday was crazy. We packed that place.  This club has really become something.  When Ricky scored at the end of that game, I thought the place was going to come apart. It’s great to be back at 5 and 5 and with the Cincy, Pittsburgh and Denver all losing we are in pretty decent shape for the Wild Card. We still have games against Pittsburgh, Jacksonville & Houston and have a chance to put ourselves in good shape with wins in all three of those games.  Of course none of it will matter if we don’t take care of the division.  With Buffalo and New England coming up, this should be an exciting few weeks of football.

Anyway, check out all the pictures from last week below and please send positive thoughts towards Jake Grove’s ankle.  We really need him back.

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Faces Of DolfansNYC (Miami Edition)

Thursday, November 19th, 2009

I just about to head down to Third & Long for the Thursday night game against the Carolina Panthers. This was a win on my calendar two weeks ago, but since then Carolina has pulled out two big wins.  Not to mention the horrible news of Ronnie Brown being out for the year. This could be a tough one.  We win this, we have 10 days to get healthy, a game against a falling apart Buffalo team, and then into New England.  If we can beat NE, we will own the tie breakers against them and the Jets in the event of a tie. These are some pretty big games.

Anyway, here is another video where you get to know members of DolfansNYC. Usually I introduce them, but since we only had a few of us down in Miami Michelle and I decided to interview ourselves as well.  I was going to get someone else to do the introduction, but we completely forgot.  So yeah, there is no introduction, just me awkwardly talking about why I am a Dolphins fan, and how this club began.  Enjoy.

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