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Augh. The Dolphins were robbed by the refs, but it wouldn’t have been an issue if they could have scored in the red zone and didn’t turn the ball over.  The playoffs are probably out of reach now, but you never know. We still have things worth rooting for though as we have the Texans next week. We have never beat them and they are the only team to hold that honor. We need to end that.

I saw Rex Ryan at the bank on Friday and I ran into Darrelle Revis at a nightclub last night. I have yet to try to fight an NFL football player, but if I keep seeing Jets I just might.  I think I have 15lbs on Revis, although my guess is he can outrun me.

I have to give a shout out to my little brother who is a Titans fan. He came out to the game last week and didn’t talk any smack and actually bought shots for Phins fans after the game. I genuinely think he felt bad about beating us.

And lastly congrats to Hoss for winning the autographed Vernon Carey ball. We met Hoss at our first official DolfansNYC event during the draft last April and he has been out pretty much every week.  This year we raised over $300 for the I Will Foundation doing raffles. I hope we can double that up next year.

Enjoy the photos below!

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  1. Who Dat Says:

    Thank you Jeremy Shockey…

    For playing through your injuries…

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