Looking Ahead…

I ended up getting stuck in DC last weekend and watching the game with the DC fan club. I will take full responsibility for the loss because I left the bar at half time to watch the game at my parents house and we immediately got back into the game. I am pretty sure if I had not been cheating on you guys we would have won the game.  My sincere apologies.

Barring a miracle this Sunday will the the last DolfansNYC meet up for a while.  We are planning two events for the off season including a draft party and another event that I don’t want to talk about until it’s finalized.  We are going to be making shirts in the off season and should have those available online soon probably.

I will talk about it more in the weekely email, but since this is probably the last game I hope everyone comes out even if there is not a lot of importance in this game. Clearly reaching .500 would be nice, but I want everyone to come out so we can say good bye for a while.  There are so many awesome people I have met a Third & Long and I hope to see you guys all at least once more before the break.

Anyway, since things are a bit depressing in Dolphins land I will leave you with something to hopefully cheer you up.  It is a shout out from Anthony Fasano repping Dolfans NYC. Fasano has been really with us and donated a lot of signed pictures for the raffles we have had this year.

Go Dolphins!

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