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Playoffs? Playoffs?

Thursday, December 10th, 2009

Normally I would be posting pictures right now but I failed to take any last week.  I am not sure if it was the fact that the game was on TV, or the fact that we got embarrassed by Buffalo the week before but I hate to say Third and Long was a little dead Sunday.  It filled up a little by half time, but by then I was too busy biting my fingernails to take any pictures.  Fortunately we some how managed to pull the game out with a dominant second half and we got some good video as seen in the last post.  The good thing about the game was that the 20 or so people who were there were die hards and the place was going absolutely insane. We all went down to the Patriots bar and did shots, it was a great game.  Plus some cute female Dolfans offered me sexual favors in trade for my Cliff Engle sweater, which was a pretty fun way to spend the afternoon.  Just kidding, I still have the sweater.

Anyway, things get really exciting with that win and a few losses around the league.  With Baltimore and Pittsburgh losing things are looking pretty good for the Dolphins if they win the next four games.  All four games are against AFC teams with a shot at the playoffs so everyone is going to be huge… Assuming we keep winning.  So here’s how it works.  If we win all four games we can get in if Baltimore loses ANY game or if New England loses any (they have three) AFC game.  If we win out and New England loses to the Bills, Jags or Texans we win the AFC East.  If they lose to Carolina it goes to like the 5th tiebreaker and things get really weird. That’s not worth talking about.  Brady is hurting though, and they have two AFC games on the road where they haven’t played well.  Baltimore on the other hand has a pretty easy schedule with the Lions, Bears and Raiders left, but they do have a tough matchup against Pittsburgh in week 16.  Also, the Raiders are a dangerous team despite their record, and the Ravens have to travel to Oakland after being on the road against Pitt.  Should be exciting if the Dolphins can keep winning.  Their biggest test might be Jacksonville this Sunday.  We better see you out at Third & Long.

And since I don’t have any photos, I wanted to leave you with this, a shout out from Dolphins starting inside linebacker Akin Ayodele.

Go Dolphins!

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