Faces Of DolfansNYC: Poor Sportsmanship Edition

Normally you guys would see a video from Third and Long here, but this week we have something a little different for you. I kept meaning to take out the video camera and film all of the awesome people of DolfansNYC, but the Miami Dolphins kept the game very interesting today and I just couldn’t bring myself to move my attention away from the TV. But, I can tell you that the energy at the bar was amazing, the celebrations were huge and the singing was LOUD!

As many of you may know, DolfansNYC was started because a small group of us were sick of being stuck in the corner of a Patriots bar. Well, today we felt that it would only be fitting to go back there and have a couple celebratory drinks.
Check out the video of our walk over and enjoy another edition of Igor’s “Faces of DolfansNYC”.

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One Response to “Faces Of DolfansNYC: Poor Sportsmanship Edition”

  1. Swandad Says:

    Love the site and the energy that the DOLFANS bring to Third and Long! As much as you guys love watching the games here at Third and Long, we love having you and your energy here! Keep up the spirit and hopefully and nice long season!

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