MetLife Takeover

The DolfansNYC tailgate and takeover was the most successful thing we have ever done as a club. We bought 200 tickets, rolled up to the stadium in two packed busses and were pretty much the only fans left at the end of the game. It was amazing. There had to have been more than 300 fans at the tailgate and we sold out of EVERY Dolfans NYC t-shirt and raised a bunch of money for charity. We plan on donating $1500 to the Miami Dolphins Foundation when Michelle and I head down to Miami for the Titans game in two weeks. Really great experience.

If you somehow missed the news we had a few special guests at the tailgate… Dolphins owner Stephen Ross showed up with minority owner Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas, CEO Mike Dee, Phins great Nat Moore, Andy Kent and a ton of cheerleaders. It was so cool of them to do that and a pretty good PR move. Some Jets fan hit Mr. Ross with a cheeseburger knocking his glasses off. Luckily they fell right at my feet and as soon as Ross got his glasses back on he just ignored the whole thing and kept posing for pictures and signing autographs. One of our members asked him why he came down and he said “I could have stayed in my box all game but I had to check out the tailgate. This is the biggest Dolphins fan club in the United States!” Very cool.

After the tailgate we filled the stands. We may have been in the endzone in the nosebleeds but I assure you our presence was felt. Mike Dee tweeted after the game “Great to head home w/a win. Complete team effort w/ an assist from DolfansNYC, who kept the Fins chants going all game long!” Reggie Bush didn’t mention us by name but he Tweeted “Loved the Dolphins fans showing up today! We heard you guys loud and clear and so did the rest of the stadium! Thanks for your support.” Not to brag or anything (okay maybe a little) I was leading the chants from the endzone. By the end of the game all the Jets fans were gone and the Dolphins fans left seemed to flood into our sections and we chanted “LET’S GO DOLPHINS” so loudly you could hear it on TV. It was one of the best experiences of my life. What a great day.

I want to thank everybody who came out, and especially want to thank my partner Michelle who did all the dirty work on this one. I am pretty good at doing the promoting and doing the screaming but Michelle is the best party planner you could imagine and put all 199 tickets we bought on her credit card. We have worked on this for months, but she busted her ass all week on the details while I was off hanging out with my girlfriend in California. So thanks Michelle, thanks to Sailor Jerry rum for sponsoring the tailgate, thanks to Third & Long for hosting a breakfast before we got on the buses, thanks to everyone who joined us at the game and thanks to the Miami Dolphins organization for not just recognizing us but supporting us.

All the pictures I took at the tailgate are below. If you want to save one just double click it or you can just go directly to our Flickr page to see and save all the pictures there.

Go Dolphins!

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12 Responses to “MetLife Takeover”

  1. Adam Says:

    Amazing, it will be even bigger next year!

  2. Michigan Dolfan Says:

    Way to represent, you guys rock! Go Phins!

  3. Rick in Texas Says:

    Pic’s were amazing (as was the game!) Looked like total fun – thanks for sharing!!

  4. stanger Says:

    As a guy who lived in the NYC area for 20 years (OK….Westport which you guys might not count)…….gotta say you guys rock. Walked into Shea and then Giants in aqua more than a few times.

    Not nothing like Ross coming to visit (just like 50 or so folks), but we are having a tailgate for the Titans game (but we did have Omar last year). Should any of you guys be coming down, just check out our little site and we can hook up.


  5. Strange aka Dave Says:

    It was so much fun.

  6. Joe Says:

    It was just an incredible day. Total Dolphin Party. Had the best time with all of you in our section. In the beginning, Jet fans were hurling cokes and things at us. But security quickly escorted them out. To think some idiot would throw a cheeseburger at Mr. Ross embarasses me to be an American. All of you guys rocked. Im going every year now. Thanks, All of You, for an amazing time.

  7. admin Says:

    If I saw Woody Johnson he would be lucky if I only threw a cheeseburger at him…

  8. Joe Says:

    I know this sounds nuts, but I was so pumped up and happy after the game, I kayaked across Northport sound at high tide during the hurricane singing the MIAMI DOLPHINS fight song. And waiving the Miami Dolphins flag. I was screaming, “Is that all youve got!!!!”

    Thanks to the Admin and Michelle and my buddy Rob who found you guys for giving me one amazing awesome and unforgettable experience.

  9. Igor Says:

    That does sound nuts Joe, but I totally support it.

  10. Joe Says:

    Ive learned two things in my life. Never screw with a man with a beard, or a man named Igor. It was fun buddy. Im sure we hugged at the game.

  11. Joe Says:

    I dont know if anyone of you understands what Irish heaven is. I got booty called by a hot woman, lets just call her McGill. Which buy the way is her real name, I am a lawyer but never retained. She owns a local dress shop in Northport. This went on for twelve hours. Then, I met up with all of you guys after some needed rest.. Then I kayaked across Northport sound, while everyone else was getting tossed under water. All of these trees were knocked down, and I never lost power. Not even for a moment. Didnt have a single potted plant tip over. Then my ex wife contacted me and wants me back because I am supposedly good in emergency situations. Dudes, I was winning every hand. Its all because of you, charisma, and inertia. It was Irish Heaven.

  12. Dave Gray Says:

    Incredible props to Dolfans NYC, specifically Michelle. Our group can’t stop talking about how great of a job you guys did. Great planning….great fun. We’re thinking that this is going to be an annual traditional for the TDMMC crew.

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