Week 1 Pictures!

Thanks to everyone who came out last week. The place was packed! It was almost too packed and unfortunately there was a line to get in during the first quarter. Luckily everyone who waited got in after a few minutes.  Third and Long has told us they were going to make sure they are going to stream line everything and make sure our people are well taken care of. It’s pretty clear the bar was happy with how many people came out.

The game was amazing too. I know the Dolphins offense was sloppy but the defense looked amazing and there were lots of moments for the crowd to go nuts… which we did. I love Third and Long so much. Curtis the manager is amazing and the bartenders are super cool.  Even the non Phins fans are great. The “Brew Crew” are the regulars who sit at the bar and bet on EVERYTHING including the color of the bartender’s underwear.  There is plenty of NFL betting going on too though if you want to get in on that action.  Anyway… the place is home and we love it.

Being recognized by the Dolphins as the official fan club of NYC Phins fans is that we work with the team as much as possible.  They hook us up with stuff and soon they are going to send us some autographed stuff to raffle off.  We are trying to raise $1000 for the Miami Dolphin Foundation this year and we have made a pretty good start so far raising $300 with ad revenue on the site and selling our DolfansNYC t-shirts.  Some of that money is going to go to some of the costs associated with running this club but every other penny is going to charity. The Phins also wanted us to tell you guys about the team photo store. Michelle will talk about it more in another post this week, but for now just check it out. It’s a pretty cool thing and you can get a free picture.

Now, the important news from this update. We got pictures! I try to take pictures every week and I took a bunch from week one. Check out the slideshow below.  And just click on it if you want to download any of the pictures.

Now I am off to watch the Jets lose to the Ravens. Go Dolphins!

[tylr-slidr userID=”” groupID=””]http://www.flickr.com/photos/dolfansnyc/sets/72157624950977978/[/tylr-slidr]

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