Week 4 Photos!

Finally we have something to smile about! It’s so much easier taking photos when we are kicking the snot out of another team… Especially the hated Bills.  Even though the Patriots are probably the most hated team in the history of football, and the Jets have given us nightmares over the last decade, I still hate the Bills most of all.  Growing up watching Jim Kelly keep Dan out of Super Bowl after Super Bowl I just get enraged whenever I see blue and red.

Anyway, I think I got some good pictures this week, check them out below. If you want to download a picture, click the slide show and it will link to our Flicker account.

[tylr-slidr userID=”” groupID=””]http://www.flickr.com/photos/dolfansnyc/sets/72157622407484951/[/tylr-slidr]

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