Atlanta Game Meet Up Recap

First of all, we know the Dolphins lost, BUT….remember, they started last season with a couple of L’s and look what happened.
Second of all….WOW….The turnout at Third and Long was H-U-G-E!!!! We had soooooo many Dolphins fans there, it was amazing!!!
Thank you to everyone who showed up to cheer with us and definitely keep coming back! We’ll have photos and some more recaps posted in the next few days.
If you have anything you’d like us to post, feel free to e-mail us at
Also, we wanted to thank EVERYONE who donated to the raffle. We raised A LOT of money for the I Will Foundation. It meant so much to us that everyone showed their support.
We have tons of great prizes for the weeks to come, so keep buying those raffle tickets!
NEXT GAME: Monday Night Football, on September 21st. It’s the home opener for the Dolphins against the Colts. It’s also Dollar Draft Night at Third and Long, so BE THERE!!!

See you soon and GO DOLPHINS!!!

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