We sold over 1000 tickets, but it’s too late to buy from us. Join our Facebook group if you are still trying to get tickets and maybe someone can help. You still have until Thursday to get a tailgate ticket. See below!


We are partnering with Urban Tailgate to do take our tailgate party to another with all you can eat and drink. There will be a pro sound system for DJ Tropic to do his thing and a bunch of games and Dolfans NYC merch. You can find out more here and you can buy your ticket through Urban Tailgate — just make sure you use coupon code “DolfansNYC” to get $20 off the price!

Lastly I just wanted to mention that Dolfans NYC is officially a non-profit organization and the #MetLifeTakeover is our biggest fundraising event of the year. Money from every game ticket and tailgate ticket goes to charity so you are helping out some good causes just by having fun with us.

Now check out the videos from the last two #MetLifeTakeovers so you can see what our events are all about! Phins up!

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