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The Faces Of DolfansNYC

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009

Welcome to another exciting edition of The Faces of DolfansNYC.  This time we interviewed fan club members at our big tailgate at the Meadowlands.  One of our members showed up on crutches.  That is dedication.  We will be interviewing people every week for this segment so come get interviewed on Sunday for our beat the Patriots DolfansNYC fundraiser at Third and Long.

The Faces Of DolfansNYC

Wednesday, October 28th, 2009
We’re introducing a new feature to the website, which will give you an opportunity to meet some of the people who come out to Third and Long to cheer on the Miami Dolphins. We’ve got an amazing group of people who gather every week to watch football and add to the atmosphere of the bar. If you haven’t joined us for a game, be sure to put it in your calendar. As you can see from our videos, the energy is high, the people kick ass and it’s always a good time here in NYC!
Stay tuned every week as we feature more of the faces of DolfansNYC.
Go Dolphins!

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