Ready For The 2013 #MetLifeTakeover?

It’s time to start our planning for the Dolphins @ Jets game on December 1st. The sooner we get our ticket requests in, the better our chances of getting everyone together in the same section.

Right now we have several rows, all together, available to us in one of the 300 level endzone sections.

There are over 300 seats available right now and it would be AMAZING to fill all of them and really paint that section aqua and orange!!

GREAT NEWS – This year’s ticket is cheaper than last year’s! This year the tickets cost $65 each.

In addition, since everyone loved the buses that we reserved last year, we will be offering that option again, as well as organizing a HUGE tailgate. The cost of the bus and tailgate will be $35 per person.

SO….for $100 you get round trip bus transportation from Third & Long (Update: unfortunately due to Third & Long losing their lease we will be leaving from Slattery’s Midtown Pub, our new home.) to the stadium, food, beer, soda & water at the tailgate and a ticket to the game to sit with an entire section of Dolphins fans. Sounds pretty awesome to us!!

(If you only want a ticket to the game and NOT the bus/tailgate, that’s totally fine, just let us know. We also will be making the tailgate available by itself if you want to join without taking the bus.)

Here’s what we need to know from you….

1.)   Please EMAIL US at and let us know how many tickets you would want – please ONLY email us if you are 100% certain that you want these tickets and can pay as soon as the payment is due to the ticket office. Michelle has to put down her credit card and it’s a huge risk to pre-pay for a ticket request that ends up getting cancelled. So please be certain before requesting your tickets.

2.)    Let us know if you want to be included on the list for bus transportation/tailgate. Pick up will be at Third and Long the morning of the game.

Once we have all of our requests in, we will coordinate with the ticket office to reserve the seats and get back to you regarding payment info.

Here’s a look back at last year’s amazing tailgate:

Thanks and FINS UP!


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10 Responses to “Ready For The 2013 #MetLifeTakeover?”

  1. Jason Biggs Says:

    OMG this looks awesome!

  2. Ty Bless Says:

    2 Tix!!!!!!!!

  3. Thomas Cooper Says:

    My name is Thomas Cooper I’ve been a diehard Phins fan since the age of 5 I’m from Ohio it’s been a dream of mine to attend a Phins game in NYC I’m hoping you put my name on the list I’m gonna scrape the $ together and live the dream I just read 3rd and long is closing I feel sad for NYC Phins fans thx you for creating this god bless you and Phins Up!!

  4. Eric Sirota Says:

    Is there an option to participate in tailgate w/o the bus ride. What is the location of the tailgate since I will be driving myself.

  5. Ed García Says:

    Do you offer an option for tickets and tailgate but not bus ride? If not how far is Third and Long from Grand Central?

  6. admin Says:

    Ed, yes we are going to offer that but we don’t have the exact price yet. I am sure it will be in the $10-$20 range but we have to figure that out.

    Unfortunately Third & Long is closing the doors but our new place is a 10 minute walk from Grand Central. More news on our new bar soon!

  7. Ty Bless Says:

    Is this still going down? Tickets left?

  8. admin Says:

    Yeah. Email for info.

  9. Lee Henthorn Says:

    Did you come up with a cost if someone wants to tailgate but not take the bus?

  10. admin Says:

    Unfortunately the tailgate is full. We had way too many people sign up and we cant manage more than 300 people. Just bring your own stuff and set up shop next to us!

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