Betting On The Next Miami Dolphins Game

Betting on the Next Miami Dolphins Game

After months of keeping abreast of team changes, it is almost time for Miami Dolphins fans to see how their team will do as the new season is about to start. Last season, the team surprised many with its improved form led by their new rookie quarterback. With money left beneath the salary cap and draft picks, the Dolphins were able to fill some holes that were apparent in their 2012 roster. With these improvements and their coaching staff, the Dolphins are favoured to have an even better season than last year.

These factors are important not only to fans but the sportsbooks who set odds on the games in which the Dolphins will play. Their first regular season game will occur the second Sunday in September against the Cleveland Browns. Even though the game is being hosted by Cleveland, this home field advantage doesn’t seem enough to tip the betting odds in favour of the Browns. In fact, the Dolphins are favoured to win the game by 1 point according to sports books such as Therefore, bettors should expect to pay a little more for a bet on the Dolphins. If the Dolphins do win, the payout will be a bit smaller than the original wager since Miami is the favourite.

In the meantime, Dolphins fans who want other opportunities that pose some inherent risk should tryout the slot machines offered at online casinos. Many of these use themes taken from sports. One of them that uses football in its design is $5 Million Dollar Touchdown. The top jackpot is $5 million which can be won only when in maximum bet mode. The maximum bet in this game is $200. If players prefer not to risk as much they are still eligible to win the second jackpot. In order to win this $15,000, five wild symbols must appear on any active payline. With 20 paylines and a minimum bet of .01, players could win with a bet as small as .20.

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