2022 #MetLifeTakeover Recap Video

Last year we filmed an incredible video capturing the biggest #MetLifeTakeover yet, but unfortunately our editor just got swamped and wasn’t able to finish it until this morning. Fortunately he made it just in time for week one so you can watch the video asĀ  you get hyped for the first game of regular season!

This video is so much fun and features interviews with Dolphins alumni Nat Moore and Joe Rose as well as interviews with Dolphins Fans of the Year Big E and Dolphreaky, plus as always SoLo D and a ton of Dolphins fans. We did a tribute to Jason Jenkins in the last #MetLifeTakeover recap video, but we wanted to do another one with the interviews with Nat and Joe. Jason just meant that much to us we had to honor him twice.

Hope this makes you guys want to join us at this #MetLifeTakeover! Game tickets are sold out but you can still join us for the all you can drink and eat tailgate! Get your tickets at metlifetakeover.com!

Now let’s go beat the hell out of the Chargers! Phins up!

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