Incognito, Martin And A Case For Supporting Your Team

Incognito Hates Taxes, Rookies And Jonathan MartinI hate this Incognito/ Martin thing so much that I hate that I even have to address it, but I do. I am so mad at all the media and fan speculation about this. We have no idea what really happened and I am not sure we ever will despite what the NFL will tell us. I do know that we need to move slowly and carefully with this as a fan base and we have to stop jumping to conclusions.

I also want to mention that situations like this are EXACTLY why I like to keep things positive. Believe it or not, players are people and they need our support. Players want to play for franchises that will support them through thick and thin.

Ben Volin wrote an article today speculating about the reasoning behind Martin’s blaming of Incognito AFTER the Dolphins said they were going to put him on the Non Football Injury list. The quick summary is that Martin needed to get out,┬ábut he wanted to keep getting paid so he blamed Incognito.

Now I hate speculation like this, and we shouldn’t judge anyone until we learn more about this situation, BUT if Incognito WASN’T the main reason for Martin having a breakdown I think the fans might be.

Every single week I heard fans tear down Martin even when he was playing well. He was letting sacks up but he had far less QB hurries than other linemen. He is a young player making a position switch taking over for a career pro bowler and fans ripped him apart.

Imagine if when you got home from work every day 1000 people on Twitter called you worthless. Martin might be too weak to take the NFL but there is no reason you should have to deal with that shit.

Fans can do very few things to make an actual impact on the team and we owe it to ourselves to use every opportunity to do so. Go to games, get loud on third downs and support your players. Make them WANT to play for you.

That’s what being a fan is all about. Phins Up!

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5 Responses to “Incognito, Martin And A Case For Supporting Your Team”

  1. HerbOkeefe Says:

    Very. Well. Said.

  2. cavemanna Says:

    cry me a river. He was paid millions for his time

  3. Phin4Life Says:

    I read every Dolphins article I can find in season or off. I check multiple sites multiple times a day and its usually why my battery is low. I have posted a comment only 2 times to any article. This only being my third, I have to thank you for a professional article. I am so tired of reading 20+ articles a day and countless uninformed comments and we only know maybe 15% of what actually happened. As starved for information as I usually am, it’s so relieving to see an article saying is too early to draw conclusions and I, or any one else, don’t know everything and we will all just have to wait until it all comes out. Instead of posting what you think or what your sources think which changes everyday. Literally yesterday everyone just KNEW it was Incognito and was banishing him from the NFL. Ready to fire everyone from Ross down for letting it happen and not knowing. Today all the writers and current Dolphin players are putting it on Martin. Who knows what tomorrow or 2 weeks will bring. Everyone needs to settle down, quit trying to get readers, and wait for all the information to be out and to pass judgement. Just my 2 cents.
    Thank you again, I look forward to more from whoever you are. I’ll be checking.

  4. EK Says:

    Weak argument. Honestly, thought better of you. Grow a pair and take a real side. how can you blame the fans? that’s why you, as a player, get paid MILLIONS! To take the heat. To play under pressure… you think you only get paid because you’re talented? You made it to the big leagues??? NO – You are under the f**** spotlight. That is why you make the big bucks. To perform in front of millions. If you can’t take the heat, then go work at burger king and enjoy getting paid $7.50/per hour.

  5. FinsUp Says:

    If I went home and took crap from 1000 fans, i’d expect to be paid like that. And guess what, NFL Players are paid like that. The min salary is $390K to sit on the fuckin bench and be the fucking waterboy. So stop being a pussy, and become a real fan and leave your damn bias to the side.

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