DolfansNYC Podcast, Episode 9: Armando Salguero

Armando SalgueroMiami Herald columnist Armando Salguero joins us to break down what to expect from the Dolphins following the bye week; analyze the possibility of landing quarterback Andrew Luck; and address the future of the team’s front office.  Armando has covered the Dolphins since 1990 and hosts a daily morning radio show on WMEN 640-Sports.

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2 Responses to “DolfansNYC Podcast, Episode 9: Armando Salguero”

  1. BRAD Says:

    trade long for a 1st and 3rd
    trade wake to houston for a 1st

  2. Dan Says:

    I am absolutely in the Suck for Luck camp. This season is a bust. We are regressing. If we were improving or growing my attitude would be different. We need a new owner, Andrew Luck, a new GM and a new head coach. Jeff Fisher would be fine with me.

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