Congratulations Alex & Michelle

When Short Michelle and I started Dolfans NYC she was hanging out with a guy named Alex who was a huge basketball fan. He was a Sacramento Kings fan for some insane reason.  He liked football and was pretty good at fantasy football but it wasn’t a big part of his life. If you asked him what his favorite team was he might have even uttered the foulest of words “JETS”. But Michelle would never be caught dead dating a filthy Jets fan and she told him that he either pledge allegiance to the Aqua and Orange or she would never date him much less marry him.  Luckily for us he changed his tune and not only did he start rooting for the Dolphins but he took to it like a fish to water, so to speak…

Alex started blogging for the site and giving his fantasy tips every week in video form. He brings bags of Dolphins gear to every Dolfans NYC meeting. He wears his Ted Ginn Brandon Marshall jersey with pride. He screams SUCK SUCK SUCK after ever J – E – T – S chant.  He has become one of us and now Michelle has become one of him.

As of yesterday, May 29th 2011, Short Michelle Stark has become Short Michelle Kramers and we couldn’t be happier. Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Kramers, I wish I could have been there for your wedding in sunny Miami Florida but don’t worry, I got you a present. It’s not a blender, a toaster or a silverware set. I can’t ruin the surprise but I will give you one hint… It’s aqua and orange.

Enjoy your honeymoon guys and as always… Go Dolphins!

Mr. & Mrs. Kramers

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