Jets Week In NYC!

This is it. This is the game I have had my eye on since the schedule came out. Primetime game against our most hated rivals. Our first home game and a chance to shut Rex Ryan up for a little bit. We are actually favored to win this game and most people are picking us, but I think we are really still underdogs. No one really expects Miami to be 3-0 headed to the MNF game vs New England… But I do.

I am usually pretty pessimistic when it comes to out Phins, they have disappointed too many times, but the Jets are a team I think we match up well against. I simply don’t think the Jets can score against us unless it’s on defense or special teams and I think the Phins have shown that they can put points on the Jets defense.. and that was before they lost some of their star players. Vontae will lock down Edwards if he plays and they are going to have to run on us. I guess we will see what happens. I think we win 13-9 or something boring like that…

The Dolphins will be wearing Orange on Sunday and they are asking the fans in Miami to do the same. I am asking you guys also to wear Orange if you have it. I personally only have an Orange Seau jersey and I will not be wearing that, but I am pretty sure I have an Orange Dolphins shirt somewhere. Also the Dolphins Defensive players have been encouraging people in Miami to howl on big defensive downs. A Dolfans NYC regular named Yonathan led the charge on Twitter for this and it has steamrolled into something that should be pretty fun on Sunday. If anyone is going to the game make sure you Howl like crazy when the Phins need you. I am sure I will be doing some howling myself at Third and Long.

Also, another reminder about tickets for the Jets/Dolphins game in Miami. We have already purchased more than 20 tickets for the game and we want to buy more but we need your money. The tickets are all 300 level endzone tickets, but we will all be sitting near each other. We are trying to buy three full rows. If you want tickets email to find out how to pay for them online or bring me or Michelle $112 on Sunday at Third & Long.

Lastly, I just wanted to thank everyone for the big crowds we have been having at Third & Long. It’s really great to watch the game and get crazy with fellow Phins fans. I know this game against the Jets is on TV and you can watch it in the comfort of your living room but this is a big game for us and we need you guys out. Let’s cheer our boys on together. I am not %100 sure but I think we will be doing a raffle this week as well. Should be a lot of fun.

Okay, that’s it. I will see you guys out this Sunday night at Third & Long at 35th and 3rd ave. Go Dolphins!

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Unfortunately Dolphins loses sunday game over jets…anyways i still love dolphins:)

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