Vote For Miami Mikes As ESPN’s Best Sports Bar

ESPN is running a competition right now to name America’s best sports bar and while Third & Long didn’t make the cut, our neighbors to the South did.

The season before Short Michelle and I started Dolfans NYC we visited Miami Mike’s in New Jersey for a game. It was amazing. We watched the game with 100 Phins fans and they played the fight song after every score and Miami Mike ran around like a manaic with his Dolphins poncho on high fiving everyone. It was an amazing experience.

So when Michelle and I started DolfansNYC Miami Mike’s was and continues to be a huge inspiration. We will not stop until we are as big of a Dolphins home base as they are. With two huge Dolphins bars in Jets territory Dolfans will not be stopped.

So if you guys would take a second and vote for our pals over at Miami Mike’s I would appreciate it. Let’s Go Dolphins!

Ps. Yes, I am intentionally ignoring the preseason mess that just happened.

Miami Mike - Photo By Igor
Miami Mike - Photo By Igor

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2 Responses to “Vote For Miami Mikes As ESPN’s Best Sports Bar”

  1. Michael C Says:

    Thanks for getting the word out on this, I’m cross-posting it everywhere! Hope to get up there and catch a game again with you guys this season.

  2. droid x case Says:

    Typically I do not make comments on blogs, but I have to mention that this post really forced me to do so. Really admirable post.

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