Help A Fellow Phins Fan

One of the staff writers over at PhinPhanatic, Chris Leeuw, recently broke his neck and is paralyzed from the neck down.  This is obviously an horrible thing to happen to anyone, but having it happen to a member of our Dolphins family makes it even worse. Our good friend Brian Millar over at PhinPhanatic reached out to us asking if we would post something on DolfansNYC asking our members to reach out to Chris and leave him a message of support.

To follow Chris’ progress and to leave him a message of support click here.

To find out more information about Chris and his injury click here.

Let’s all hope he makes a full recovery!

One Response to “Help A Fellow Phins Fan”

  1. Joe d Says:

    Hey Chris stay positive with modern medicine and some hard work anything is possible, it’s natural you will have up and down days but dont lose faith, where there faith there is hope, I wish all the best ny phins fan Joe d

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