Free Agency & The Fake Ted Ginn!

Free agency is just a few days old and it has been an exciting one for the Dolphins!  We cut Joey “Bitch, Moan and Won’t Play The Run” Porter,  “Garbage” Gibril Wilson and Akin Ayodele.  We also let unrestricted free agent Nate Jones leave for Denver. In the process we resigned Chad Pennington as a back up and paid former Cardinals inside linebacker Karlos Dansby a dump truck of money to come play for us.  And as we speak we are trying to hammer out a deal for Steelers safety Ryan Clark. One of my best friends is a Steelers fan and spoke very highly of Clark.  So did Peter King in this weeks MMQB.

I am extremely happy we resigned Penny and and pretty upset we let Nate Jones go.  Rarely do you get a player so happy to be a role player and Nate Jones loved the nickle.  He always made plays when he had to and he played is ass off on special teams.  The only problem is that Will Allen is probably going to be playing nickel next year so we had to let somebody go.  Speaking of Nate Jones, Michelle met him last week and has a video message from him that will be going up on this website so check back then.

Lastly, I wanted to tell you guys a funny story.  Saturday night a friend of mine texted me at 330 in the morning to tell me he was hanging out with a Dolphin.  He is a pretty well known musician but doesn’t know anything about football.  He didn’t know who the guy was, but he knew I was a Phins fan so he texted me. Turns out the guy he was hanging out with was Ted Ginn.  He told me that Ted Ginn called me a bitch because I didn’t want to go hang out.  I texted something about dropped passes, but then I sucked it up and met them out.  It turns out that it wasn’t Ted Ginn at all.  I mean, he looked vaguely like him, but he was too short, fat and old looking to be one of the fastest men on Earth.  I decided not to call this guy out, so I posed awkwardly for some photos with him and played a long.  At one point he pulled me aside and thanked me for not blowing his cover.  It was pretty funny.  I had a good night hanging with them anyway, so it wasn’t a total bust.  I even got a fake autograph!

Anyway, here is a pretty funny picture of me and the fake Teddy Ginn.  And remember, come back on Wednesday to check out the Nate Jones shout out.  Probably one of the last things he ever did as a Dolphin. See you soon! Go Dolphins!

Igor & The Fake Ted Ginn Jr.
Igor & The Fake Ted Ginn Jr.

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6 Responses to “Free Agency & The Fake Ted Ginn!”

  1. Jase Says:

    Fake Ted Ginn strikes again!
    My friends and I hung out with this guy last night at the Hotel on Riv. I barely follow football, (I’m more of a baseball guy), so I had no idea who the hell he was supposed to be when he introduced himself as “Teddyginn” to our group. It was only after talking to him for a bit that he “reluctantly” told me that he was a pro football player. He was personable enough, — but as you said, suspiciously short for an NFL wide receiver. His schtick was extremely well executed, but clearly wouldn’t fool anyone that was familiar with the real Ted Ginn. In hindsight, he messed up on a few details, (said he grew up in Miami instead of Ohio, and said he was a Dolphin initially, but then remembered he had been traded to the Niners). Dude shared a cab home with us, but then stiffed my friend on cab fare when she said she wouldn’t invite him in.

    The funniest part is that he kept going on about when he and his “teammates” got to the bar. He said some guy had been in there telling all the girls he played pro ball, but then when he saw “Teddy” and Co. walk in, the dude shut up and went away feeling like a fool. I commented that the dude probably spit that lame sh*t to people all the time, and that is was a complete fluke for him to run into “actual” NFL players while he was doing it. He thought that was hilarious.

    Keep up the good work…

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