Over .500?

We finally have a chance to have a winning record this week.  We dug out of a deep hole and find ourselves in a great spot. If we can beat the Bills this week and the Patriots lose to the Saints, next week sets up to be a battle for first place in the division. But before we can get ahead of ourselves we need to take care of these Bills.  They are falling apart but they played a lot better last week under a new coach.  They held Mo-Jo Drew to under 100 yards and TO had nearly a 200 yard game for them with Ryan Fitzpatrick replacing Trent Edwards. We can’t take this team lightly.  Should be a fun one.

Now, I hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving wherever you may have had it, but I hope you will be back in time.  I am in DC myself right now, but I will be taking a train first thing in the morning to get to Third & Long in time for the game.  I hope to see as many people out as we had last week, that was a fantastic experience. And to keep things interesting, check out this video of Dolphin great Kim Bokamper giving DolfansNYC a shout out from his restaurant in South Florida.  If you are in town for a game, you have to stop by Bokampers.

Go Dolphins!

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One Response to “Over .500?”

  1. Vita Says:

    i was goind for the giants the whole time the pats juss went into the sepbruwol with a big head and they juss didnt have what it took to bring out the win

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