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I admit I have done a terrible job updating this website. We had a draft party at Slattery’s and I promoted it via Facebook and Twitter but I totally forgot to do an update on the website. The party was a great success and it seems like our draft could be something pretty special as well. Just getting Mike Hull as an UDFA seems like a huge steal not to mention Jay Ajayi in the fifth round and having Parker on the board in the first without having to trade up to get him. All good things.

It might be years before we figure out how this draft really looks, but we don’t have to wait long to get tickets for the next #MetLifeTakeover!

The game is November 29th which happens to be Thanksgiving weekend for the third year in a row. That’s obviously a pain for some people traveling for the holiday but at least it’s a day game this year!

We have created a sign up page to RSVP for tickets. We are essentially using this sign up as a way to explain the process and create a mailing list so as soon as we have tickets in our hands we can start selling them to you guys.

This year we are going to be giving out the best seats first so the sooner you get your money in the better your seats. Usually Michelle agonizes on the seating charts but this year it’s just first come first serve so sign up and then as soon as you get an email from us get us money!

This year the seats are slightly more expensive because the game is a Sunday. Apparently Monday Night Football is a little less attractive since people have jobs and stuff. So tickets are $65. Sunday game also means we are going to do a proper tailgate but that info will come later. You’ll be able to spend like $10-20 and not have to worry about anything. We just need to figure out the logistics and that probably won’t happen until the season actually starts.

There is also an option to get a seat on our charter bus that will leave from Slattery’s before the game and come back after. That’s always a fun experience if you have done it with us in the past. Nothing like sitting on a bus packed with Phins fans after a win. The seat on the bus is $25 which is only about $10 than the buses from Penn Station and you don’t have to wait in a line with Jets fans.

So anyway, sign up now and as soon as we buy the tickets we will send you an email. Phins up!


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6 Responses to “Sign Up For The 2015 #MetLifeTakeover”

  1. Sébastien Côté Says:

    Would need 3 tickets

  2. john downey Says:

    Need 2 tickets no bus but tailgate a may be

  3. nancy estrada Says:

    I live n will die a dolphin

  4. Dave Fromholz Says:

    Two tickets and tail gate

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  6. Craig Tufano Jr Says:

    Big time phins fan living on LI. Love what you guys are doing. Want to be a part of this in the worst way

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