Sign Up For The 2014 #MetLifeTakeover!

This year the Dolphins play the Jets on Monday Night Football and once again Dolfans NYC is organizing a takeover and we are getting ready for prime time! The 2014 #MetLifeTakeover doesn’t happen until December 1st but we are already setting plans in motion and here is how you reserve your seat! We have on hold over 600 seats for the game and we would love to break the 751 tickets we bought last year!

Since this year’s game falls on a Monday we are NOT going to be organizing a specific tailgate party. It would require us leaving for the stadium well before most people get off work. We will be helping people who want to get there early organize themselves but we can’t do a catered event like last year. That being said we are going to be throwing a party that Sunday night at our bar Slattery’s Midtown Pub and there will be some food and drinks available again at Slattery’s before the busses leave.

Additionally this year we got ticket prices even lower! We are able to sell tickets for $60 instead of $65 and if you want to ride the bus with us from Slattery’s tickets are $90 instead of $100! Even with the tickets that low we are going to be able to make enough money to make a big donation to the Miami Dolphins Foundation and provide a few extra surprises for the game.

Now, here is the important part… if you want to go to the game with us you need to sign up to reserve a ticket. Please sign up ONLY if you are 100% sure you are going. This sign up page is so that we can get an idea of how many tickets to buy, how many busses to charter, etc. Once the tickets go on sale we will be emailing you for payment. We only accept payment via PayPal or via cash brought to Slattery’s on game day in September.

Hopefully the 2014 #MetLifeTakeover will be every bit as amazing as last year! So sign up now!!


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32 Responses to “Sign Up For The 2014 #MetLifeTakeover!”

  1. Gina Boljonis Says:

    4 tickets… no bus

  2. Pascal Mencini Says:

    I am in!!

  3. Gilberto Hernandez Says:

    I would like to purchase 3 tix. Is there a max?

  4. Brian Huddleston Says:

    This is a sign up for me, my cousin and my uncle who were there last year. Count me in for 3 tickets.

  5. John Sklepinski Says:

    I would like to reserve me plus a few extra.

  6. Bobby Mitchell Says:

    Bus from Slatt’s definitely !!!

  7. Bobby Mitchell Says:

    Can’t wait !!!

  8. Sheldon harris Says:

    I love n CT I will definitely b there

  9. admin Says:

    Sign up via the link, not the comments!

  10. admin Says:

    No max. Follow the link to sign up!

  11. Andrew Hart Says:

    I need two tickets

  12. emmettdove Says:

    Will be there this year! My head will be fully shaved so all Jest fans can see the logo tattoo lol

  13. George Fleurme Says:

    2 tix

  14. michael telep Says:

    2 tickets please

  15. Eduardo Garcia Says:

    I’m reserving two tickets plus bus! I can’t wait! LETS GO DOLPHINS!!!

  16. admin Says:

    Please sign up with the sign up website, not in the comments section! THanks!

  17. Tom Redstreake Says:

    Chris Withrow?

  18. Edgardo Martinez Says:

    3 tickets, please. If there’s still room for the bus/food/beer plan we’d like to get in on that as well. Fins up!!

  19. Dave Baco Says:

    What section are the tickets ?

  20. William Olave Says:

    Was at Saint/Dolphin game 9/30/2013 last year going out to denver 11/23/2014 this year die hard dolfan would like to be part of dolfan takeover nyc hit me back

  21. Kate Freyling Says:

    4 tickets. No bus. Will we have to pick up the tickets at Slatterys?

  22. admin Says:

    Nope they will be emailed.

  23. admin Says:

    If you posted something about tickets down here you DID NOT sign up. You need to follow the link to sign up!

  24. Lamar White Says:

    Any idea what time we are expected to arrive at the stadium?

  25. Ricardo Gabriel Junquera Says:

    2 tickets and bus please, if still available.

  26. admin Says:

    Not sure how many times I need to say this, but posting in the comments doesn’t help. You need to sign up.

  27. Jimmy Vega Says:

    Do You Offer Flight And Hotel Packages From Miami As Well?

  28. Gabriel Leon Says:


  29. admin Says:

    Nope. Sorry. You gotta figure that stuff out on your own…

  30. Dave W Says:

    Just found out about this. Two of us want to go to the game, but we’re from CT. Is it hell driving to the stadium? Would it be easier to park at Slattery’s? Are there even tickets left?? Please send me any info, as I’ve never been to metlife before!

  31. admin Says:

    If I were you I would take a train into the city and then come to the game from Slattery’s with us. Parking sucks on Monday’s around Slattery’s. And yes, there are tickets still available.

  32. Shawn Daughenbaugh Says:

    2 more tickets needed. Thank you

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